Pandora Mink

NEWS September/October 2012 : PANDORA RULES!

Pandora doesn`t care about fame or fortune but wouldn`t you like to see her rule the world? We`re making a music video for the song PANDORA MINK that will be out early 2013 with the books available here online as well as in paperback and even more exciting right now United Record Pressing in Nashville are making limited edition pink vinyl 7inch singles of the Pandora Mink theme song! We'll let you know as soon as we have our hands on them!

You can buy the song now on itunes if you can't wait for the vinyl...Buy the song PANDORA MINK here

Then who knows what Pandora will get up too...maybe a tv series or a movie. Girls can do anything!

Fantastic designer/illustrator from NYC by the name of Rob Kohr is currently working with us, bringing to life all the major characters in the world of Pandora Mink. Seen here is Nyx, the manager of Pandora's band The Tomboys in the story 'Pandora Mink is a Rockstar'

So stay tuned in and turned on and live for the mantra ...

Places to see, stars to follow Who knows where I`ll be, this time tomorrow?