Pandora Mink


Pandora Mink is just a normal girl...

except that she is an albino and flies a 1929 Gypsy Moth Airplane given to her by a mysterious long lost Great Aunt. She loves punk rock music and adventures far from home. She also thinks she can do anything...and she`s probably right! Here are some of the things that Pandora loves the most in her world.

Aunt Arial

Pandora`s Gypsy Moth Airplane once belonged to her Great Aunt Arial, the famous aviatrix. Pandora was just a baby when her Great Aunt went missing on a routine delivery flight from Spain to Italy. The plane, minus its precious cargo of olives and coffee beans, was found deserted on a tiny island near Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, Aunt Arial was never seen or heard from again. In her Last Will, she left her beloved Gypsy Moth airplane to her new baby grandniece ... Pandora. Pandora has a tattered old photograph of Arial stuck to the dashboard and often feels her Aunt's guiding presence when she is on a long flight or in need of some help. She also enjoys repeating her Aunt`s famous quote ...

Places to see, stars to follow Who knows where I`ll be, this time tomorrow?

The Gypsy Moth

The DH-60 Gypsy Moth first flew in February 1925 and was used as a trainer by many airforces and flying clubs as well as by private owners in many countries. It was designed in Great Britain by Geoffrey de Havilland [who also named it "the moth"] and is powered by the cheap and reliable 60 horsepower Cirrus engine. Some later models are equipped with the modified Gipsy 11 or Gipsy 111 engine. The Gypsy Moth is made of wood, has a range of over 300 miles and a cruising speed of 80 mph. Its wings can be folded back along the fuselage to enable the whole craft to be stored in a garage! It is 24 feet long, 9 feet high and has a wingspan of 30 feet. The DH-60 Moth was the first in a long line of extremely successful light sporting biplanes ... biplane means it has 2 sets of wings. It was used for many long distance flights, including two from England to Australia in 1929, and a flight across the Tasman Sea in 1930. Pandora Mink is of course carrying on this tradition.

Pandora Mink's Pilot Notes

July 6, 2011 11:55 a.m.
"The moth is wobbling about today. I should really take a break and check out the engine but I suspect it`s something to do with the 25 watermelons rolling about in the cargo hole... saw them on sale while I was flying over Kentucky and couldn`t resist. The narrow landing gear helps to ensure that every landing is an adventure, particularly in a cross wind. This machine is not easy to fly. Who cares? Flying the Moth is an exhilarating experience. It is also very economical and way more fun than a bicycyle."

Aug 4, 2011 1:00 p.m.
“Flying over London on the way to visit my cousin Vinny in Iceland, I notice a huge crowd below gathering in front of a book store ... of course it`s the new Harry Potter Book. What`s the big deal anyhow? He`s just a BOY! .... and who wants to fly a broom stick? Maybe I`ll take him for a REAL adventure In the Moth someday.“

February 14th 2012
”Feeling a bit weird today because my neighbour Ulysses gave me a Valentine card!!! I mean I know other girls think he`s a spunk, but I just don`t think of him in that way at all. I hope he was just joking ... Yeah that must be it. My flying fox AJAX is the only guy for me right now.”